Thursday, June 08, 2006

It's over...

I have followed in the footsteps of many of my friends and made the switch...
No, I'm not becoming straight again.

Blogger and I have finally broken up.

RSG can now been found at
Come by and see me, say hello, and update your links!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm still here...for now

My blogging issue continues although I am making slow and steady progress!

I obtained my domain name and obtained hosting. I've redirected my domain to my new hosting server and attempted to download the wordpress software. I'm working on it, really I am but sometimes reading all of this stuff just gives me a headache and I lay in bed thinking about FTP and DNS and all sorts of other acronyms.

Really I just need someone to do it for me????? (hint, hint, nudge, nudge, anyone who knows how to do this stuff better than I???)

Until then, I suppose I will just hang here for a little while and ride out my web issues the best I can.

All is well in this corner in the world, the weather has been unusually humid and not so pleasant. HG and I have been painting like you would not believe. Here is our living room before...
Here it is now...
It's in a bit of disaray (because we're painting,) but you get the general idea. The color over the fireplace looks very pink in the picture but it's not IRL. The name of it is Toasted Nutmeg. The darker is Wine Barrel, and the other is Wilmington Tan, although on the wall it looks quite gold. I was really trying to pick NEW colors from my old house,
Vaults and upper windows
but alas, I guess I'm set in my ways (and taste,) becuase it turned out looking quite similar. I like it, HG likes it, the girls like it, so that's just fine.

In other news...(warning, RSG is jumping up on a political soapbox, read at your own risk...)

I guess we have nothing else important going on in our country that our elected officials should be looking in to, so they are discussing amending the constitution to discriminate against more than 10 percent of the population.


I suppose that is more important than other things like a war that has killed 2500 US soldiers and thousands and thousands and thousands of civilians. Or the fact that we are in an energy crisis in this country and I am paying over $3.00 a gallon for gas. Or the fact that we have a major immigration issue/conflict that is causing civil distress.

Even this story seems more important!

Why aren't they looking into THAT? Geez, our last president was impeached for such actions, but no one seems to care about W's philandoring? Instead our trusted government officials are debating whether or not if I get married to HG if that would somehow upset the "sanctity" of marriage? What about the "sanctity" of W's marriage? Where are his "family values?"

To be honest, whether or not W is having an affair with anyone, I could really care less. What I do care about is time, money, and energy being taken away from very important issues to try to stop me and a lot of other people from having the same rights as anyone else; it's sickening.

Then I saw this bitch on the Today show this morning and just about puked.
You can read an article about the appearance here.
Or go to Today's website and see the video. I'm telling you people, Jesus does NOT heart that woman. Also, she released her new book today; you know, today, The Devil's Day. I personally don't believe in "The Devil," but now I'm starting to wonder if there IS a devil and she is actually Ann Coulter?

Okay. Enough political soapboxing for one day.
I've got important things to attend to, HG and I are off to Costco.

Ciao y'all. I hope you didn't all forget me?