Friday, December 30, 2005

Stuff Portrait Friday

My resolutions:
To be a great mom to these girls.
and this girl.
To learn to use my new camera with ease.
And finally...
To be good to myelf.
My favorite photo of 2005
My HAB Pissy!
Something I want to leave behind...
My depression.

Ginger hates Cesar Milan


I discovered The Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic Channel.
Ginger must hate that show because she barks her head off at all of the dogs and at Cesar.
I might need to call him.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Wink's gone :(

Her Mom, AdRi, came to pick her up yesterday. We are all very sad. Here is a final Holiday portrait of the girls dressed up in their holiday attire:

Poor Ginger spent the entire rest of the day sleeping.
She was either very tired from her days and days of playing bitey face with her sister, or she was depressed.
The later is why I was sleeping...
DD#1 was taking liberties with the D-50 while we were watching a movie together. (Notice: I wasn't watching the damn movie.)

Holidays sucks the big one, (not that I do THAT anymore...) and I'll be so glad to put away the Christmas stuff and move on with my life. I put on a BIG happy entertaining, joyful face for my kiddos but now it feels like everything has just crashed down around me and all I want to do is take Xanex and SLEEP.

Just a couple of more days.
I will be occupying myself with stupid activities for the next few days with time for sleeping and xanex mixed in. My hope is that I will feel better soon and decide to pull my head out of my ass and move on.

Holidays Suck.
Relationships Suck.
Suck, Suck, Suck.

My kids don't suck though. My youngest daughter just announced to me that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser even cleans car tires and patio furniture.

That's good to know.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

For Lelo


She's not getting ANY attention or having ANY fun!!!!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Yes, Internet, there really IS a Santa Claus

And I guess I've been good this year! (No matter WHAT you may have heard...)

Because on Christmas Eve, I received this:


And it sure made for a photo happy Christmas.

Now if I could just figure out how to get the pictures OFF of the camera...

The D-50 came courtesy of Santa in the form of my LBCG.
I knew there was a reason I hearted her so much!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

My Holiday Wish for You

I want to get you all something for the Holidays! Since I don't have all of your addresses, I'll just have to hope that Santa gets my wishes for you in time...

First to the Woo's: I wish that you would win Powerball so that you could buy a big farm where you could adopt a whole bunch of dogs and cats who need homes; and for a job, you could play video games professionally!

Lishy: No more dickhead husbands, THREE caret diamond earrings, and all the cheesecake you can eat without gaining any weight.

To my HAB's:
Pissy: I wish for you a huge collection of Coach purses in every color of the rainbow, (so that you can share with Lil Miss Pissy and Gran Sissy.)

Kristine: I wish for you an endless supply of lenses for the D-70, and a sexy photographer assistant named Bambi.

Shaun: The latest photoshop with every clip art known to man, your own computer, and turns with Kristines sexy assistant named Bambi.

Blu: Lots of money in Grants and Scholarships so that you can keep going to school as long as you like and learn as much as you want!

Little Sister: Lots of sexy dresses and shoes to go out to fun places with Mr. Wonderful.

Curly: The most wonderful boyfriend in the world who does not have a girlfriend and loves all the things that you do; and a new car with tires that won't blow out in Ohio. Oh, and for your student loan company to tell you to forget about paying them back!

D: New next door neighbors, and that Nanny lady from television to come to live with you permanently.

LeLo: A gift card to Al's Garden Center with an unlimited amount on it.

Merry Widow: Acceptance to that accelerated medical school; the one that you can become a doctor in 18 months!

Mel: A huge donation to charity, a huge gift card to the bookstore, a trip to Aruba, and sex (preferably with me.)

SFG: A hurricane-proof house and a LONG trip to the spa to relax.

Kami: Coach purses and a cruise (maybe on Olivia,) for you and the MILF.

Jessica: State of the art video equipment (to do whatever with...) more nipple cozies, fondue chocolate, a house just for all your cats, and a new furnace.

SoozieQ: Heat in your work office, a postage meter, a personal dog trainer, and a state of the art cookie baking oven.

Adrienne: Warmth, no wedding drama, that Subaru that you want, and the right kind of cat food for your cat.

Jason: A laundry maid.

Sue and Charlotte: Jobs as professional travel critics...first stop, Olivia Cruise. (I'm going for a discounted group rate on the Olivia cruises)

Valerie: A satisfying and happy job that pays you what your worth. A move to Portland, and love.

Sassy: Great, high paying jobs for you and Fran, a beautiful new home in your new state, and a cruise on Olivia (maybe they'll give me a free cruise!)

SJ: exactly the kind of birth that you want.

Syd: State of the art cooking equipment and cooking lessons from the very cute Rachel Ray!

Cass: Lots of Pecan Pie! (Oh, and a cruise on Olivia...)

Kylz: A step stool and some new BBQ tongs, and an automatic sprinkler system.

If I left you out, it's because I couldn't think of anything or I accidently overlooked you but please know that I wish all of my blogging friends on the internet much love and peace during this Holiday season and throughout the New Year!

Hugs and Kisses to you and yours, from the RSG!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

News and what-not

The weather has warmed up and we are back to our typical NW winter weather; rain. I can't say that I'm dissapointed, I like the snow and everything but I very much dislike the bitter cold. (It was right around 32 degrees (F, d.)) I don't like it!

The kids are on their first day of Winter Break today, 13 to go.

I had a meeting today that could possibly work into a job... I can't say that it went as well as I would have liked, but I think there is still a chance for something to work out. I will keep pursuing it and see how things figure.

The kids and Ginger are in Heaven because we had a houseguest arrive today!
Wink, who is Ginger's biological sister and cute as a button has come to stay over Christmas with us. We will hang her a stocking next to Gingers so that Santa can fill it when he comes! So far we have only had two altercations, one over a greenie (which is a little chew bone for you non-dog bloggers,) and one at dinner. Ginger isn't a very good dinner hostess as she tried to eat Wink's food, and Wink wasn't going for that. So Ginger, in typical fashion, got banned to the bathroom to finish her dinner and allow Wink to eat her's in peace.

As I blog, they are wrestling and playing all over the living room. Wink will take a break from playing to crawl over and sit with DD#3, who gives her lots of love, it's so cute! I just hope that she gets enough attention this week while she's here with us!!! I'm sure she will miss her Mom's and I know that they will miss her!
Have a fun and safe trip LeLo and AdRi! (They're coming near your neck of the woods, Kami, maybe you should have them over for some fried turkey!)

My mom told me today that my jerk cousin outed me to my grandmother recently. Apparantly she is beside herself because she feels like everyone in the family knew but her. I certainly wasn't keeping anything from her, I honestly haven't discussed the issue with anyone in that part of the family. I've discussed it with my aunt, uncle and cousin who I am closest to, not the family members I'm not. I just don't think that I need to explain myself to anyone, I'm not going to make an issue out of something that is a non-issue as far as I'm concerned.

My cousin is an ass for upsetting my grandmother and making a big deal out of something that is not. He's just one of those people that needs to put other people down to make themselves look better, he's a miserable man who is unkind to his wife and children and has no sense of maturity or responsibility. He's a bigot and a racisit and a chauvanist and I don't have to deal with him because he lives 3,000 miles away (thank God.)

LBCG asked me if I was going to call my grandmother. I don't think I will; I'll let my Momma deal with it!!!

The second week of November I started to get a cold. I took Airborne and Emergen-C like a nut and fought it off. I had a bit of a cough but nothing too terrible. Two days after Thanksgiving, I got very sick and even missed a few days of work. Being that I have a history of pneumonia, I had my Mom get me some anti-biotics to take care of anything that might be brewing. It seemed to do the trick and a few days later I was feeling much better.

A week after that I felt bad again, a week later I was better. A week after that I felt bad again, then I was better, then I was bad, then I was better. All along though, I have had a cough and a bit of tightness in my chest. My Mom listened to me and didn't hear anything bad in there.

Then last night in the middle of the night I started running a fever. WTF?
Today I feel like crap, and I sound like a thunder storm when I cough. I drugged myself up enough to function through my meeting and day, but now I'm starting to crash. I wish I could figure out what the hell is going on with me. Being sick at Christmas is not my idea of fun.

So that's the news from the RSG homefront. I want to do a Holiday wish for all of you tomorrow, I'm trying to put it together in my head!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

It snowed

Do you know what that means?
My children will be home for their last two days of school before Christmas break, driving me crazy.

I know a little dusting of snow may not sound like much to all of you who live in snowy places like Chicago and such, but for us, it's a BIG deal. It snowed two years ago and the whole city of Portland was shut down for over a week, it was unbelievable. The airport was closed, the city offices were closed, the kids were out of school for an entire week; I thought I would die.

If the weatherperson is right, (they usually aren't,) we will be getting freezing rain tonight to go along with the half inch of snow that we received earlier and I'll be screwed.

Help me.

Send cookies.

Or booze.

Or both.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

What's that smell?

Recently, LBCG and I had a conversation about deodorant tampons and other deodorant hygiene products. Neither of us are exactly sure what the point of them is.
Why is it necessary to try to deodorize something that isn't deodorizable. It's not like deodorizing your garbage disposal; you can't just put a lemon up there and expect it to suddenly be all fresh. You're expelling menstrual blood for God's sake. You can't put a scented piece of cotton up there to suck it up and expect it to smell like spring breezes.

Why and how has our society successfully convinced women that they smell bad? Who decided that when a man is smelly he's "manly" and a woman is just, well, stinky and needs deodorizing? Are you aware of how many deodorizing products there are on the market for women?
Deodorant soap
Body Wash
Body Splash
Scented lotion
Scented panty liners
Scented pads
Scented tampons
Scented body powder
Feminine Deodorant Spray
Scented Feminine Wipes
Scented toilet paper

Just to name a few.
Do we really smell THAT bad? Come on, our ancestors barely ever bathed; I can only imagine what an improvement soap and water has made, isn't all of this overkill?

Do women's coochies (stole that word from Sarcastic Journalist,) smell bad?
Well, my limited experience has been a big, NO, they don't, and I really don't understand why we try to tell them that their coochies DO smell bad.
The coochie is made to be "self-cleaning," (like an oven, only different,) and part of it's cleaning process is the menstrual cycle; why screw with that process by irritating it with a scented tampon? Now don't get me wrong, I think it's a good thing to spray out that area once in awhile and give it good once over; you certainly don't want your lover finding toilet paper curlys on you in the heat of passion. But let's lay off making women think that they have to practically exterminate the area in order for them to smell acceptable. Most women smell just fine just as they are. And really people, if you are comfortable enough with someone putting their face in your pussy while you're having your period, I'm sure you (and they,) don't really give a damn how you smell.

Oh, and one final question...
Who buys deodorant tampons on eBay?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Choosing to be gay

I recently upgraded my cable subscription to accommodate my new Comcast DVR. With my upgraded cable line-up I now receive The Logo Channel, which is a new cable station for the GLBTQ community. With my new DVR, I chose several shows on Logo to record. One of the shows I recorded and watched last night was The Advocate Newsmagazine. It is a partner between The Advocate and MTV for The Logo Channel. It was a fabulous show and I encourage you to go the the website and check out some of the interviews.

I really enjoyed the interview with Sheryl Swoopes, WNBA player who recently came out. I could really identify with a lot of the things that she shared and her thoughts and feelings about coming out as a lesbian after living the first part of her life seemingly straight. I found myself chuckling at some of the things that she said, how she felt, and her view of "choosing" to be gay.

I share her perspective.

I do believe that there are many, many GLBTQ people who were born with that orientation already in their DNA. I also believe that there are many gay people who fall in love with a person who happens to be of their same sex and they choose to be gay because they are following their heart and soul. And I also believe there are people who fall somewhere in between.

I was straight my whole life and didn't know any different. I fell in love with a woman and for me it was like a light went off in my head; suddenly things that didn't make any sense or felt strange before made sense or felt "right." Now that I've had that experience, I choose to continue to live my life as a lesbian because that is what I now prefer. If I were forced to live my life as a heterosexual, I would probably survive; I certainly wouldn't be living completely, but I would manage. I would survive because I already have a reference of living a straight life; other lesbians I know could not live a heterosexual lifestyle, even if they had to, and would probably die if they had to have relations with a man!

Ms. Swoopes was asked if she was prepared to take flack from the GLBTQ community for claiming that her homosexuality was a "choice." She replied that she knew that she was going to take flack from a LOT of people.

I think that our society is much more tolerant to people being able to express their sexuality and their love in so many different ways. The old "rules" have gone by the wayside and people are free to allow themselves to go to all of the parts of themselves and try it out. It's happening every day, to people everywhere. In my own small world I know of TWO other women who are my age, and after living their lives straight, marrying, and having children fell in love with women and are now in lesbian relationships. Both of those women as well as myself had this "realization" in the last 18 months. Cynthia Nixon, from Sex in the City, as well as Ms. Swoopes also make up our group.

Whether someone is born gay, chooses to be gay, or just prefers to be gay; it should matter not. All people should be embraced for who they are; who they choose to love at the time should be a non-issue. The freedom to be who you are and love who you want without labeling yourself, should be accepted by the straight community, but especially accepted by the GLBTQ community who has worked so hard for acceptance, understanding and validation of who they are and their relationships.

Check out the complete video interview here.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Someone's been naughty

No it's not me. (Wish it was though...)

It's my adorable, bad puppy.

Friday night I went to a party (hi Angie!) and left little miss Ginger alone in the bathroom for several hours. I returned home after midnight and she was rip roaring ready to go and play.
I on the other hand, was not. I stayed up for awhile and then put her on my bed with a bone to occupy her for awhile before putting her in her crate and she carried on for hours.
Jumping on my head,
pulling my hair.
Jumping off the bed,
barking to get back on.

I was in hell.

Then last night she peed on Jesus's father Joseph.
yes on my Christmas tree skirt, right on his head.
I can't put packages under the tree because she tries to rip them apart, and now Joseph has been defamed.

To top off the evening, she yelped and carried on screaming for forty five minutes when I put her in her crate last night.
Finally I took her out and let her outside, (she didn't go,) and put her on my bed thinking she would settle down and go to sleep.
Guess what that little demon did?
Yes, that is far worse than peeing on Joseph; she peed on my down comforter and dry-clean only duvet!

This morning she learned how to jump on the chair and climb on the back of the chair to get on the KITCHEN COUNTER! So I pulled the chair away from the counter and she proceeded to jump on the back of the chair and BARK to get on the counter.
Can you say BAD???

I swear I was ready to post her on Craigslist, but then she looks at me like this:

What's a dog mother to do?

Friday, December 09, 2005

Keeping Score

People keep score in life.
All people.
It's called cause and effect, or reward and consequences.

"If you work for me on Saturday, I'll work for you on Sunday."
"I'll watch your kids if you pick up my drycleaning and go to the store for me."
"I'll trust you if you don't give me any reason not to."

You know the person who is always asking for a favor but never is able to do one in return?
They bug you don't they? And it doesn't make you want to do any more favors for them.

Relationships are the same way.
They should be equitable and even;
and if one person accuses the other person of scorekeeping.
It's usually because they are the one who isn't holding up their end of the bargain.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

I'm cheating on TiVo

This afternoon I am starting an affair with Comcast's DVR.
It's all LeLo's fault. She introduced us to eachother. We did a bit of online dating and finally I worked it all out yesterday afternoon with Richard from Comcast.
Juan, the installer will be here between two and four.
TiVo's out,
Comcast DVR is in.

TiVo and I have been together for two years and they were a great two years, great I tell you. I was even thinking of moving to a lifetime subscription when I heard about Comcast's DVR, (from LeLo.)

Then two days ago something terrible happened.
My TiVo box had a fatal hardware problem that was going to neccesitate me to SEND IT TO TENNESEE to be switched out.
It would be TWO WEEKS without TiVo.
The Survivor Finale is on SUNDAY!!!

That was when I decided that TiVo and I would need to "take a break" from eachother and I was going to try out Comcast's DVR. I haven't OFFICIALLY let TiVo know yet; I'm waiting to see how it goes with Comcast, and I am paid up til the end of the mont, but I'm afraid that the pros outweighed the cons and I need to try this out.
It's what's good for all of us.
(I hope...)

I celebrate The Holidays

Yes, all of them.

I LOVE this time of year for many reasons; but I mostly love them because of my children. I love to see their delight and excitement in all of the things that we do and traditions that we choose to either carry on or invent.
I celebrate and love The Holidays and have a place in my heart for each one of them.

Thanksgiving rocks. Lots of eating and food and football games on television. Everything is quiet because nothing is open and it's usually cold outside. It's only too bad that D. can't celebrate with me because her Thanksgiving is in September or something, (those Canadiens are such non conformists. . .)

I get so excited when I see a Menorah and always want to buy one and light the candles every night for eight nights; but since I don't know how to do it, it would probably be disrespectful to do so.

I love the colors of Kwanzaa, and again, don't know how to do it but I'm excited for people who celebrate that holiday.

Winter Solstice is so ancient and great; celebrating nature and the wonderfullness and mystery of all that is from our earth.

Christmas with all that it is and what it represents is a lovely holiday that fills the world with hope.

And New Years? Any day dedicated to drinking champagne, sounds good to me.

The Holidays in what they are today area collection of cultures and beliefs, some stemming back over 4000 years bringing with them an array of traditions and treats and fun to share with EVERYONE.

The ancient Mesopotamians celebrated their New Year festival in the winter for 12 Days. (Later those 12 Days of celebration became the 12 Days of Christmas.)

In ancient Scandinavia when the sun would disapear in the long winter nights they would celebrate the Yuletide and burn a Yule log to celebrate the return of the sun.

Ancient Persians and Babylonians as well as ancient Greeks would celebrate a winter battle between two gods and have winter festivals with lots of eating and drinking to cheer on their god.

The Roman's celebrated Saturnalia, a huge winter holiday that lasted from the middle of December to the beginning of January. They would have huge feasts and visit friends and gave eachother gifts; that is how we came to gift giving today! They would decorate with garland and greenery (sound familiar?)

Germans used to decorate trees to celebrate the Winter Solstice.

I mentioned early in this post that it's great to be able to carry on traditions or invent new ones. Most of the traditions that we as a society practice today are in fact "invented" traditions and a lot of what and how we celebrate today is infact due to author Washington Irving who re-invented Christmas in the 19th Century. Shortly after, Charles Dickens wrote "A Christmas Carol," and so it went. Christmas wasn't even a federal holiday until 1870. Before that, Congress and everyone else still went to work that day.
Other "invented" traditions came from Mexico (brought us the Poinsettia,) England (brought us the holiday greeting card,) The Celtic people brought us misteltoe, and the US of A brought us eggnog (a nog is any drink made with rum, yum,) and most importantly. . .The Big Guy. . . aka, Santa Clause. And really people, WHO doesn't like Santa? What's not to like? A big Guy in red velvet (the appropriate time to wear red velvet, I might add,) who comes into your house while you're sleeping and leaves you presents (Nikon D-50, Nikon D-50, Nikon D-50, Nikon D-50, Nikon D-50) How cool is he?
And finally there is the modern, invented tradition of Rudolph, but that's another post altogether.

To me, the modern and current recognition and celebration of The Holidays is exactly what it should be; a great melting pot of ancient and modern tradition with fun songs, bright lights, eggnog, cookies, ham and presents, (Nikon D-50, Nikon D-50, Nikon D-50, Nikon D-50, Nikon D-50,) and I am delighted to be sharing and participating in all of the traditions that make this time of year so special and wonderful.

For more information on the History of Christmas, go to this presentation from the History Channel online.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Tell me what you think...

UPDATE: I answered!!!

I stole this from Valerie and thought it was super cute.

Below is a list; tell me what you think of ME.

Pick ONE from each pair that you think describes me the best & leave it in the comments. Then copy this and post it in your own journal to see how your friends view you.

* dominant or submissive; dominant
* logical or intuitive; both, leaning towards logical
* social or loner; social
* kinky or vanilla; kinky
* cute or sophisticated; I think I'm sophisticated...LBCG says I just THINK I'm sophisticated.
* kitten or puppy; puppy
* warm flannel sheets or sleek satin; flannel, I hate being cold.
* leader or follower; leader
* quiet or talkative; talkative
* spontaneous or planned; planned
* football or chess; I'd rather play chess than footbal but I'd rather watch football than chess.
* hiking or golfing; I really don't do EITHER, and I know I'm a lesbian and am suppossed to like hiking, but hello???? Golfing involves driving around in a cart drinking beer... golf.
* tequila or vodka; vodka, definitely
* top or bottom; top, top, top!!!!!
* barefoot or shoes; shoes, I don't like being barefoot
* jeans or Dockers; jeans
* tender or rough; tender
* aware or dreamy; aware, except while I'm sleeping
* cool or geek; I'm cool but can do geeky things

I think Pissy was the closest to getting them all right; must have been the three nights we spent sleeping next to eachother at Kristines!

Cross your fingers, think good thoughts

I have had a very good weekend with some great opportunities that I really hope I don't blow.

I was contacted by someone to do a little restaurant job for them; they wanted me to be a secret shopper. No problem, I can do that except that they don't have a program in place. So I offered to write a report and help develop that program. Great.

Then I get an email basically stating that they want my resume and an outlined, detailed job description of what I would like to do for their company.

Hello? Is that a fucking dream come true? Someone basically says, "tell me what you want to do for my company..."

So I put a lot of thought into it and came up with a pretty good comprehensive outline of a job I could do for them now, ramping into a more responsible position as the growth of the company dictates. (Thanks to Shelly who gave me some good info...!)

I sent it off to him in an e-mail just five minutes ago with my resume and a nice letter where I used big fancy words and sounded very important (and like I knew what I was talking about!)

Now I'm just sick to my stomach with anticipation of what he will think and where this will go. Please send me your good thoughts and send good energy that the universe will work this out exactly how it's supposed to work and I will be OKAY!!!!!

This could be my ticket to a job that I really like, am good at, and I can somewhat customize around my children and home. It also means I won't feel so dependent on XH and can feel independent and whole for the first time in eleven years.

I need you all and your good mojo.
Please bring it!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Happy Friday

I can't play SPF this week, because if I did what I wanted to do, I'm afraid I would be questioned by the Secret Service.

I don't really have anything to blog about.

I'm tired because I stayed up late and had to get up early to have DD#1 to chess club by 7:00 AM.

I have to go to my glamorous waitressing job today for the first time in over a week; I was sick last weekend, so sick I couldn't go to work and cough all over the nice people I wait on.

It's been raining like crazy and I'm sick of it already. The weatherperson called for snow yesterday but it never materialized. They lie.

I got some of the Christmas stuff out last night before watching the very suprising Survivor. I have to say, I'm a bit disappointed in Stephenie. I really liked her at first and now she's just an arrogant bitch. I'm rooting for Cindy or Raif. I like Cindy, she's cute; and Raiff, well he's family, so I'm all for him, (and he cried when he saw his Mama.)

Ginger is doing well on the potty training. She even sits by the door and barks now when she wants to go outside. She's so damn cute.

My love life sucks. I don't think that I'm good at being in relationships, I always seem to say or do the wrong things. Sometimes I think that I just don't deserve to be in the kind of relationship that I want, either that or that kind of relationship just doesn't exist. I'm very difficult to be in a relationship with; I'm opinionated, argumentative, I'm always right, and I think that the world revolves around me, (it does, doesn't it?) I've been told that I look for the negative in my significant other; I assume the worst. I don't know if that's true or not, but I do know that I base my thoughts and decisions based on what has happened in the past. Does that mean I hold a grudge? I don't know about that either; I guess I look at it as being cautious and protective.

I do have a hard time finding fault in myself. But it's easy for me to blame myself; does that make any sense at all?

Anyway, busy weekend coming up: DD#1 has a choir concert and basketball game, DD#2 has a soccer game, and DD#3 turns SEVEN on Sunday! Plus I need to fit in working and trying to finish up Christmas shopping.

Hope you all have a lovely, wonderful weekend!

Thursday, December 01, 2005


I was so excited that Rudolph was going to be on last night. I remember watching that movie every year when I was a little girl, and I don't believe that the girls and I have ever watched it before. I even set my TiVo so we could watch it again if we wanted.

It was as I remembered it. Of course the girls were confused if they were puppets or was it CG? I told them they didn't have CG back then, and I wasn't sure how they made it; "just watch the damn movie..."

As I watched, I became curious about a few things.

First, the little elf who wants to become a dentist: How does he know what a dentist is if there are no elf dentists in Christmastown?
Where was he planning on going to dental school?
Is he going to practice medicine without a license? I believe the AMA would be on his ass for that!
If none of the elves have ever had any detal care; that may be quite an undertaking, and what about dental insurance? How will he get paid? I can't imagine an elf makes much, but perhaps they're unionized and Santa offers kick ass bennies.

The Gold Miner Dude: why does he LICK his pick ax? That's just gross and I don't think it's very responsible behavoir to advocate; children are watching this. Maybe he should just make some solid long term investments in a high yield account and call it good. (Or invest in the elf's new Dental Plan...)

And the SEXISM in that show. My God!

Mrs. Donner wants to go out looking for Rudolph with Mr. Donner and Clarise. Mr. Donner says, "No, you and Clarise stay here, this is MANS work!"
Well, Mrs. Donner and Clarise don't listen (thank goodness for that,) and they all end up getting caught in the Abominable Snowman's cave. After they are saved by the goldminer dude and the wannabe dentist, the narrator says, "It was time to get the WOMEN home."
To top it off, Santa keeps calling Mrs. Clause "Mama."

Did anyone else see this and wonder, "what did they just say?"
To be honest, I was a little embaressed. Even DD#1 looked at me and said, "what does THAT mean?"

I suppose it's a good thing that we have evolved a bit as a society that comments like that, once not given a second thought, alarmed me a bit. Perhaps I'm a bit sensitive to it, but I was thinking that maybe Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer needs a bit of an update.

A little PC mixed with some high tech CG.