Friday, March 31, 2006

Mexico pictures uploaded

to my flickr account.

I need Kami to get off my ass, so I got the pictures off my camera and onto flickr; but that's as far as I got.

More blogging later.

Trying to adjust to non-vacation life.

It's not easy.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

We come home tomorrow

and generally at this point in any trip away from home, I would be ready and welcoming the fact that by tomorrow I would be sleeping in my own bed.

Not so much the case for this particular trip.

Perhaps it's the wind that blows in from the beautiful beach. The warm and welcoming hospitality from HG's parents, HM (Hottie Mama,) and HP (Hottie Papa.) Or perhaps it's the twelve hours of sleep that I've been getting every night, preceded by consuming large quantities of margaritas, shots of tequila, bloody marys, and Mexican beer.

Probably it's the well being of being with the one I love, walking hand in hand with her on the beach and through towns where I search for "Gucci" purses and trinkets to take home to the DD's. Without an agenda, without a schedule, and without any of the stresses that normally consume me in my role as a mother, housekeeper, cook, chauffer, volunteer, and glamorous waitress.

No, I am not ready to leave this place where HG and I have somehow managed to connect on an even deeper level. I thought we were already there; I wonder how much deeper it could possibly go. Every moment that passes, I am in awe of the amount of love and respect that she shows me; showering me with love and attention so effortlessly.

It's been amazing on so many levels. I am not ready to come home; but alas, I have no choice and I must return to my "ordinary" life. I will leave Mexico tomorrow, taking with me the contentment in my heart and the memories of such a wonderful and magical time along with the anticipation of returning here another time soon.

Friday, March 24, 2006

It's my birthday

and HG and I are off to Mexico!!!

Happy Birthday to me,

Happy Birthday to Kristine!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pretty puppies...

The "girls" (Ginger and HG's dog, Abby,) went to the groomer yesterday.
Ginger needs to keep up with her sister, who has her own web page now.
You know that our girls will have theirs up before the end of the day.




Ginger is going to visit her sister for an extended play date, as HG and I are heading off to Mexico on Friday (MY BIRTHDAY!)

It's a "meet the parents" date. I'm meeting hers.
Oh, my.
Adios amigas!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Our government at it's finest

I was watching Brian Williams on NBC and was compelled by a few of tonights news stories.

It seems as though I am $30,000.00 in debt.
So is DD#1,
and DD#2,
and DD#3,
and HG,
and you,
and your children,
and all of your neighbors.

I'm a little pissed off that I wasn't made aware of this fact before Brian informed me today. That's something I would have liked to have known, wouldn't you?

I know Kristine just paid off a whole bunch of shit over the summer with Hot Loan Guy. I bet she didn't even factor that 30 thousand into that.

Yeah, it seems that congress approved a bill for an additional $2.8 trillion in spending bringing our countries current deficite to $9 trillion dollars which translates into $30,000.00 worth of debt for every man, woman, and child in our country. ($92 billion of that $2.8 trillion will go to the war in Iraq.) Hmmm. That's a whole bunch of money.

The other tidbit of information that Brian Williams shared with me tonight was on the recovery effort in New Orleans. Seems a whole shit load of trailers were delivered to the people of New Orleans to live in.

Just in time for Hurrican season to start again.

I don't know about any of y'all, but that's the LAST place that I would want to be living in through another hurricane. (I'm sure that there is a PERFECTLY good explanation for the intelligence that went into THIS decision...)

The third bit of journalistic excellence that I was enlightened with today is that it seems that invading Iraq three years ago to look for weapons of mass destruction was just not fun enough for our administration. Now we're looking to invade Iran.
Yep, pre-emptive strike on Iran.
Great idea.
Good plan.

I don't think I want to watch Brian Williams any more.

Stress with a purpose

I don't do stress very well.
It makes me cranky.
It makes me snappy.
It give me irritable bowel.

Sometimes we bring stress on ourselves for the purpose of having something that we want or need. It's stressful to go on vacation, it's stressful to plan a dinner party, it's stressful to Christmas shop, it's stressful to buy a new house; but all of those things are stress with a purpose.

Stess with a purpose.

I don't do stress very well, but I feel okay doing this kind of stress, because for the first time I feel like I have a partner who is actually "partnerning" with me through it. I have stress with a purpose and a partner to go through it with.

In fifteen minutes I'm embarking on some stress with a purpose...
Wish us luck.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tahoe Picture Time

You can of course go to my flickr and see all of the pictures in their entirety, but here is a synopsis.

Waiting for the Heavenly Gondola.
HG waiting for the Heavenly Gondola.
Maiden ski voyage on the polka dots.
That's Lake Tahoe through the trees.
New friends who shared their home brew moonshine with us. It was yummy! We spent a lot of time at this outside Sky Bar. A lot of people wanted to buy us drinks!
After a few too many drinks... the elevation at the top of this mountain is 10K. That kind of altitude fucks with your drinking tolerance!
RSG on the chair lift.
HG on the chair lift.
A nice lesbian girl from Boston who showed us her ass. You gotta love nice (cute) lesbian girls from Boston.
Our new gay boy friends; Phil, Dennis, Charles, and Frank. They were a lot of fun and bought us dinner the next night at Harrahs before the Ru Paul show.
Ru Paul at the Hard Rock Cafe at Harveys in Tahoe.
Cute pic of RSG and HG.
RSG won $212.00 bucks playing roulette. At this bar we met some guys who were in Tahoe for a bachelor party. They were fun and bought me a lot of beer that I didn't need to drink...
It was a great time and it took me for fucking ever to upload all of these pictures, so I'll have to elaborate tomorrow. Missed you all!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Back from Tahoe!

We had a great time, did not get caught in any avalanches (thanks for your concern...) and are trying to transition back into life. We stayed an extra day due to weather and traffic that prevented us from getting out of town and had a lovely last night.

I will post, and post pictures later tonight; I'm just jammed busy right now.

Can't wait to catch up with y'all!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's my birthday...month...

and I'm celebrating all month long.
Because I can.
So there.

Yes, on the 24th I will be celebrating my seventh annual 30th birthday, and I've never been happier. I'm sure my 37th year will be the best ever (hope I didn't just jinx it...) so far, 2006 is turning out pretty damn nice.

Speaking of pretty damn nice.
Looky what HG bought me for my birthday:
Yes, people they have POLKA-DOTS on them.
POLKA-DOTS, people.
Have you ever seen anything prettier in your whole entire lives? (Nope, I'm sure you have not.)

Why did she give me my birthday present early, you ask?
Why, because tomorrow morning we are going here.
To have fun and frolic for the weekend.

Fun and frolic.
In Tahoe.

It is my birthday.
(I know, I know, I'm a spoiled princess; my mother already told me...)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Coming out to my kids

I was asked by another RSG, how I came out to my kids.

I only recently came out to my kids, within the past month. First I came out to DD#1, as she is the oldest, and I felt it was time. Because HG and I are very openly affectionate with eachother around the children, I decided last week to mention it to the little girls.

It was completely painless and without issue. I had DD#1 come up to my room while I was up there and lay on my bed with me. I asked her how she would feel about my dating someone. She said she was fine. I told her that I wanted to date HG. She said that was fine, that she liked HG. I asked her if it was weird to her that I was dating a woman; she said no. I told her that some day, someone might have an issue with it. She said that she didn't know why, but that we would deal with that if it happened. I told her that I had been figuring things out for myself for the past year or so. I said that I figured she probably wasn't surprised about what I was telling her; she said she wasn't.

The little girls were a little easier, but similar with simpler language. I told them that I loved HG; they said they knew that and they did too. I told them that some day someone might say to them that it was weird that I was with a woman instead of a man; they said, "why?" I said, because not every woman is with another woman, so some people think it's different. I told them that we would deal with that if we ever needed to.

That was it.

Now. My advice to my fellow Recovering Straight Girls is this. If you have kids, they probably know a lot more than you think that you do. It's important to be honest with them to their maturity level.

Experts advise that if you are changing your sexual preference or seemingly orientation, (meaning you lived as a heterosexual and are now planning on living as a homosexual,) you should "come out" to your children PRIOR to their going through their own puberty and questioning or wondering about their own sexual identity and/or orientation. I have no idea why this is but I would imagine that it has something to do with the raging fucking hormones and ideals that pre-teens and teenagers posses.

I'm glad that I was able to come out to my children at the ages that they are. They are open and accepting and willing to go with the flow. I'm sure this is also a testament to the way that XH and I have raised them to be open and affirming and accepting to all people; and that they feel secure and loved in their family, albeit a divorced family.

The most important prevalent fact is that they ARE loved and secure and cared for and now they have another person in their life that loves and cares for them and provides them security and comfort. As long as children are growing in an environment like that; they are usually fine with the details.

My children are always my first priority.
I am living my life, but I always consider their safety and well being and growth. I am a better person and a better mother because I am living the way that I need to live and they reap those benefits. They are cared for by both of their parents and loved very much by both of us. I love the way that HG loves and cares for them and I hope that someday XH will find someone who will do the same.

Don't put it off too long; don't live in the closet to your children. They will love you no matter what, give them a little credit. I'm sure my good friend Pissy will have something to add to this, as well as others who's parents came out to them.

That's the end of Ask RSG. Keep sending your questions, I'll keep answering.
Ciao y'all.